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11550-05-W With three ferocious Hot Rails pickups and the Liberator system, this prewired Stratocaster pickguard turns any Strat guitar into a fire-breathing beast. This prewired Stratocaster pickguard assembly comes with the high-octane Triple Rails pickup set, that includes three of our high output Hot Rails pickups. It will turn your Strat into a beast with huge humbucker tones that no other pickups can deliver. Chords will be crunchy, with lots of midrange harmonics, and leads will scream. Any future pickup changes you choose to make will be a snap with the Liberator solderless system Its screw-clamp connector accepts bare or tinned pickup leads. Simply use the provided screwdriver to tighten the connector for torqued-tight tone. Future pickup changes are fast and solderless. We use the highest-grade pots, switches and jack components on this pickguard to give your guitar an instant electronic upgrade. Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, these pickups all use a ceramic bar magnet, come with a 4-conductor lead wire, and are wax potted for squeal free operation. The pots, selector switch, and cap, are all high quality, and we use vintage style cloth push back wire for all of the connections. This white, 3-ply Stratocaster pickguard uses an 11-screw hole USA pattern.